About the O'Neill Family

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Hi, my name is Chris O’Neill. I met my wife Diane in 1999 on a blind date. Our first date was appropriately a white water rafting trip, and that is where our adventure began. Since that time we have been all over the world chasing the world’s most exotic fish and seeing some of the most remote, rugged and beautiful places on earth. Our trips have taken us from the wind swept southern tip of South America, Tierra Del Fuego, to the furthest Northern reaches of the Arctic Circle in Nunavut Canada. In between we have fished all over British Columbia, explored Alaska, journeyed to the Kola Peninsula of Russia and explored the equator in places like Christmas Island, Guatemala and Belize to name a few.

Both my wife and I love to take pictures. When people ask us why we would travel to the ends of the earth to go fishing, we tell them it’s so much more than just a fishing trip.   Where else, other than the High Arctic can you catch a char, see a polar bear, and stick your hand in a wolf den and take a picture of blue eyed puppy staring out all in one day. The world is full of amazing places and we want to share these experiences with you through our photography. Our pictures tell a story from the minute details in the petal of a flower to the exhilarating rush of adrenalin you get when you come face to face with a bear in Alaska. From smoking volcanoes to crashed float planes, every trip has a story to tell and we have tried our best to capture these experiences on camera.

We have two kids named Ryan and Kate. We have taken our kids fishing, hunting and traveling since they were toddlers. Our daughter proudly states she wants to be a “fly fisher girl” when she grows up. Our son is focused on pursuing his favorite fish steelhead, although he dreams about catching tarpon too. Every chance we get, we take our kids fishing. As our kids have grown, we have made a determined effort to share our love of fishing, hunting and travel with them. We hope you enjoy the pictures and take your kids out on some adventures too.

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